Welcome to Aptiva Corp

Aptiva Corp is a privately held company focusing on providing a state-of-the-art services and Software with comprehensive human resource strategies solution for the small Businesses, Mid Markets. Our goal is to be the market leader in HR, Payroll and Benefits Outsourcing. We recognize, evolve, develop and market programs and services ensuring automation of functionality associated with the entire process of employee benefits like, selection, enrollment, communication and administration and other HR functions. At Aptiva we serve our clients by adopting stringent practices and great expertise to provide products and services which are robust, reliable, flexible and ensure smooth and flawless administration. Our motto is to extend the right kind of guidance and valued consultation to our clients to help them achieve success in their mission.

While we take pride in the sophisticated systems and applications we develop, we stand apart from others, as our strength lies in our people and the services we provide in various areas like training, designing, maintaining and improvising the Human Resources policies. Our people are our assets with their vast experience in Human Resources and Employee benefits areas of some of the top level and largest Companies in various capacities like Lead role, consulting roles and also in HR and Benefits outsourcing companies in the country. Aptiva’s products ensure complete client satisfaction as it is backed by this wide spectrum of experience its people bring in to make each product and program a great success.
Aptiva Corp is different from other competitors in its deep understanding of HR, payroll processing and Benefits programs with blend of state of art technology, as well as the unique business needs of industry professionals.

Our experience has led us to believe that the properly conceived and created HR and Benefits origination management system is the most important technology and strategic solution for a small Business and mid size companies. Its positive effects on an organization can be measured in many ways, but the most important metric is whether the system can help its users find, create and derive efficient results.

Aptiva Corp is completely confident we have created just such a system and have adopted a pricing philosophy which illustrates this confidence very clearly: we charge our fee per file, and only on those services which go successfully to results. Our commitment to our clients lies in this very fact and there is no other system that can be compared truly with our system that speaks volumes about our services.

Our experience has also taught us that not all small businesses operate in precisely the same way. Respecting that fact, the Aptiva Corp solution has numerous customization features that provide customers maximum flexibility to achieve precisely their specific, desired functionality with little effort or technical expertise.

The Aptiva Corp solution provides significant cost benefits through process efficiencies, elimination of redundant processes, and reduced time in service offerings, dramatic reduction in customer service calls, paperless workplace and tight supply chain integration.