Your preparation for ICD-10 implementation can’t wait. Your success with this transition is up to you. A common misconception is that your vendors can handle it for you. This is absolutely not true. Although vendors, health plans, and other partners have their steps to take in this process and play a part in the practice’s preparation, you still have work to do in order to transition to ICD-10. A gap analysis is an effective tool that can be used to assess where you are on the road to transition, what obstacles are in your way, and what you need to do to overcome them to achieve your goal of successful ICD-10 implementation. Our consultants help clients in the gap analysis to assess their strengths (staff, education, software, etc.), and weaknesses (skill sets, new code sets, etc.), the opportunities available (boot camps, online training, chapter meetings, etc.), and the obstacles that way slow down the progress.

Our ICD-10 champions offer a real solution to clients every day struggles with guidance on how not only to use the codes but also the documentation paths needed to insure we meet the specificity requirements of the procedure or clinical condition.